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Tekamah Legal Services

A.M. Anderson Abstract Co, LLC offers a range of legal services to those in and around the Tekamah area. Our experienced attorneys and staff will see to it that you are receiving the proper assistance through several, often complicated legal areas. Read through our services below, and be sure to contact us if you have questions or would like more information!

1031 Exchanges

Our team assists with understanding and structuring 1031 exchanges for property investors. These exchanges allow investors to sell property and then reinvest the earnings in a new property, all the while deferring capital gain taxes. Whether you have a simple or complicated exchange, we can help get you settled.


Abstracting entails collecting a range of legal documents that have records of the details surrounding the real estate you are interested in, and your own. Abstracts include documents such as deeds, mortgages, wills, tax sales, court litigations, and more. These all have an effect on any acquisition you would like to make, and we are available to collect and process these documents with comprehensive abstracting services.

Home Closing

Whether you are buying or selling, we assist with home closing for smoother and more effective transactions. Our team will meet with you at any point in the process in order to learn your requirements and needs. With that information, you will receive the proper guidance in order to close the home. We will make sure this is done in a timely manner, and with the best value possible.

Legal Services

For exceptional legal services no matter what side you are on, at fault or not, you can count on A.M. Anderson Abstract Co, LLC. We work hard on behalf of you and your well-being. Our team will represent you and make sure you receive what you deserve out of any legal situation you might find yourself in. Contact us for more information about our legal services.

Home Titles

A.M. Anderson Abstract Co, LLC works to protect you and your home with comprehensive title services. When it comes to home owning, we can help every step of the way. The home title is one of the most important parts – this will provide a proper interest plan that builds more value to your home as you continue to hold the title.


Here, we offer escrow services in order to establish the proper account in order to pay property tax and insurance during the mortgage term. We arrange to disburse the money or documents that are appropriate for a range of real estate transactions. For a more organized escrow process, contact us to learn more about these services.

Title Insurance

A title serves as evidence of complete possession of property. The title insurance protects owners of real estate against any loss or damage that might occur due to liens, encumbrances, or defects within the title of the property. A.M. Anderson Abstract Co, LLC will assist you with understanding the process of title insurance.

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